Object by Object AR
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Object by Object AR

An AR-enabled scavenger hunt through the 1920s Berlin

  • Date: 22 Jul 2020
  • Client: museum4punkt0
  • Role: UI Designer & iOS Developer

Explore the 1920s Berlin in an AR-enabled scavenger hunt. Use navigation tools to be guided to historically relevant places, open a portal in AR and explore the place’s history behind it by collecting historical artifacts from participating Berlin museum archives.

The project was initiated by museum4punkt0 to explore new possibilities of storytelling at historically relevant locations using the latest Persistent-AR technology and displaying historical artifacts from the museums’ archives. The result was a high-fidelity prototype for iOS including an online CMS as well as a content creation app, so future scavenger hunts could be created by the museums themselves.

Final Deliverable:

  • High-fidelity game prototype (iOS)
  • Content-creation app (iOS)
  • CMS-backend (Contentful)

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